Some type of sorcerer guy saying some wise words. Inktober day twenty. :)

Inktober for today is a mummy. Mummies scare me a lot.

Another witch for inktober! Woooo

Here’s some general updates. 
-I’m most likely going to put Wolfsbane on hiatus. I want to make the pages much more designed then they are turning out, and therefor need to spend some more time on them. I don’t know when I’m going to be bringing it back right now…probably next year. Sorry guys! :< 
-I’m spending a lot of my time preparing to enter into the publishing field (Hopefully) by making a few different portfolios and some book dummies. 
-There are about ten thousand things on the back burner that will come up from time to time, (i.e. Alabaster comic and the phrases about struggles) 
-Basically I’m working out a schedule! woo! 

One more from last night! So much fun! 

My favorite figure drawing from last night. Tried to do some queen type of vibe. 

Cerberus guarding some pumpkins. I’m not really a dog person, but I’d love to have a Cerberus protecting my house! Inktober #17

Some fun stuff from the figure class today. I’m finally getting into a groove! (Someone called the top one “Human Charlie Harper” and I got so so so happy!) 

Bats and candy apples!! I want them both! More than halfway done with inktober…weird.

Inktober today is some Unwind series fanart! I just got the last book yesterday and am dying to read it! (Get it? Get the pun? Ohohooo)