Hey guys. Sorry for the inactivity… my car got hit while parked this weekend…and is most likely totaled. I’m super frustrated about it because of many reasons…but it will pass. Everything just kind of gets put on the back burner when you are looking for a new car. 

anna-earley said: Where are you interning?

In LA with an illustrator that teaches at Art Center twice a week. I go with him to class on thursdays. 

More stuff from class yesterday! I drew some of the display then turned it into a book cover…ish…type of piece. I really love how it came out. :> 

Did some sketches in a class I’m taking with my internship. We were drawing from a still life and I decided I wanted to make a fake band poster instead. I was listening to Mercy Street at the time… 

Early morning eyeball halo.

Commission for Christine! I loved working on this one…maybe I should draw more execution scenes? haha… 

Werewolf Wednesday starts back up today! Check it the new page if wolfsbane!!

I’ve got the dark and the light in me. 

I believe everyone has the rough time of dealing with emotions, depression, hurtful events, and just problems that happen that…kind of stay with us. But I also believe that no one is completely in the dark. We all have the light and the dark, the good and the bad, and they will always switch off. 

Just something I was thinking about today while working. 

Asker wobblywoods Asks:
COSTUMES!!!! MONSTERS!!!!! CANDYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kimmikart kimmikart Said:

Halloween side note: I’m missing autumn right now. Like…I want to be wearing sweaters and it’s over 100 outside right now. boo. :< 

Hey guys I’m planning on drawing up a halloween print this week! What about Halloween makes you happy?? What would you love to see in a halloween print?!? 
Gosh I love Halloween. 8D