New sketchbook! I always like to draw myself and Saph, and old cat character, in the front of each new sketchbook. It makes for fun style comparisons later on.

A little process of how I do quick sketches! (This is also how I usually start all of my pieces…) 
I LOVE working fast! I’m finding that I’m really great at overworking pieces, so I’ve been trying to find a good work speed. (This is actually why I started working in shapes! I love the look and my brain works quickly with them.) 

The next full illustration I do I’ll take some process shots like this. :> 

I’m in Vegas now visiting my brother! Still in the process of moving…but I wanted to pull out the computer and do a few sketches! (Because I don’t have a sketchbook right now…:/) 
I’m so excited to be in L.A. on sunday!! 

linneaholbrook said: How long will they be there?! Was it just tonight?

It will be up until October! Second floor of the SLC main library! I’d love to hear if you went! :> 

SLC library show was great! Thank you everyone that came!!

anonymousparty said: SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
spshishido said: Congrats Kimmy <3

Thanks guys!! TTvTT 


August/Sept. Commissions!! 
These won’t be started until after I move out this week and get done with one other pressing commission. But there are unlimited slots!! All of these are going towards helping me live in LA this fall! (Next week….oh gosh.)  

Paypal Only

**Digital “Sketch” - $12 (Knees up of a single character)
**Character Sheet - $22 (Front and back of character or two character full)

If you are interested feel free to email me at!
All other inquires - email

As always, thank you guys for your support! 



Before I forget!! 
It’s almost HALLOWEEN!! (Ok two months away….that’s close enough) 
I’m going to be doing an order of cards early to make the shipment in time for halloween! 
This is the last order of cards I’m going to be doing this year. 
They are $25USD each + Shipping. 
If you are interested email me at 

Order ends on Sept 2nd. 

Remember, gotta get those orders in before next month! 

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of activity. I’m in moving limbo again!! Yeahaa!! 
Seriously though, I’m moving to L.A. this weekend so until then I’m kind of living out of my backpack which is pretty fun. 

In other news I have a show at the Salt Lake City Library, and the opening reception for it is tonight! Ill post a picture or two from that. :> 

Two new prints! 6x9