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But that’s not going to stop me. 

Worked on this off and on between commissions today. It’s just been banging around in my head for a while. 

Hey ya’ll. The past few weeks have been really crazy for me, but things are finally starting to settle down. I was able to finish a piece I was working on for the wonderful Christine. A little moment from her story with two characters at a fantastic ball. These guys were hard, yet so fun to work on. I for sure got to go outside of my “drawing comfort zone” for this, haha! 

Higher touch. 
Morning sketch focused on shapes and …staying awake. haa.

Presenting ….The Figher!

I’m doing a lot of development with John. (<—My fighter-preacher character from Deep South) And thought I’d do a little sketch of him in-between commissions. 

Sketchbook! It’s basically done, just gotta fill in the little spaces.

I wanted to draw a little fairy…I like how she turned out. 

"Once I was real, once I had something to lose." 
I wanted to illustrate the sensation of doing something that isn’t like yourself…and how you feel after. 
Inspired by the song Once by Bradley Caleb Kane

Faun character sheet commission, with a fox/deer hybrid familiar! I loved working on this! It makes me want to draw more fantasy creatures. :> 

June commission status. 

Little known fact, I also watercolor! This was a commission for a close friend. :)

To Linkin Park&#8217;s new song, A Line in the Sand. &#8230;it made me think. 

To Linkin Park’s new song, A Line in the Sand. 
…it made me think.