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Collaboration time! 
A while back my good friend Anna and I decided to do a few colabs together. We both did a sketch, then swapped for the color. The sketches were inspired by a random generator prompt. This one, which Anna sketched, was “The white hare cries with the voice of a maiden”. 

It was a challenge to do a lineless color job on top of Anna’s wonderful lines, but I really like how it turned out! 

To see her line drawing, click here! 
To see the finished colab that she colored, click here! 

And the light.. it rather chokes… 

Daily sketch! 

It’s bound to take your life. 

Sketchy sketch. 

I am, I am the best
She claimed and more
A battle scarred conquistador. 

I jumped on the bandwagon and drew up my pokemon championsona!! I’d like to think that mine would actually be a ghost who died in a crazy fiery battle!! Her loyal typhlosion would stay with her to continue kicking trash and starting fires. 

Yep. How fun. 

Hello guys! 
Because my time at school is coming to an end, I’m using the lab printers for one last PRINT SALE!! YAAAY!! 
Here are the details…
6”x9” are $8 each! 
13”x19” are $20 each!
All BFA images are for sale, along with the listings at 
The price does not include shipping.  My bigcartel shop will give you an amount of shipping for the small images, but the larger we will have to work out together. 
Paypal only
If anyone has a question feel free to contact me here or at! 

This print sale is one last huzzah (and push) to save for an Epson printer of my own. I love the quality that comes from printing on one…and won’t be offering prints again until I’m able to buy my own. :< So feel free to help out with my goal! (Which in the end means more prints for all!) 

Thanks guys. I know it’s been a lot of print postings lately, but I assure you some art is on it’s way. ;> 

Today is a print day!! I’ve got a few orders to fill but I wanted to let you guys know that if you’d like any 6”x9” prints from my shop OR a BFA image (large-$20 small-$8) and would like it shipped sometime in the next week, email me at BEFORE 11am MST.

Thanks! And also, hello to all the new followers! I hope you find this art blog enjoyable!

BFA Images part two! Once again, they are all to different songs, so if you’d like to listen feel free to head over to my website! 

All of these are also on sale as prints! Both as $8 6”x9” or $22 for a 13”x19”

I will make some individual posts in the coming days for each picture. :> 

Hey guys! My BFA show opening is tonight, so I finally get to post up what I’ve been working on! Each of these pieces goes to a certain song… and you can even look at them and listen to the songs on my website! Just go right on here and the song will pop up when you click the piece you want. 

This is part one!! Please tell me what you think! 

Rocks! Lots of fun, made up, rocks! 
When I was younger I was very into minerals and what their properties were. I still have certain chunks of healing stones…just not with me right now. :<

Just a reminder that you can get individual prints in my shop for the next couple of weeks! <3 Thanks guys~ 

Hey guys! I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be selling some individual 6”x9” prints for the next little while. (A little less than a month) I’ve also added four more to choose from! 
Here are the specs…
     $8 USD each!!  
        -Shipping in the USA - $2 
        -Shipping outside of USA - $3-$4 

If you are interested please visit my shop!!! There are even some pack deals if that is more up your alley. 
   You can also email me at if you have any questions. :>