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Some Sunday sketches from yesterday. Gotta sketch more.

"The toxins in your body are the bass and the drums"

I’ve been loving the song, Sun Goes Down by David Jordan….and I finally got to draw out how it is in my head. 
The characters are from Deep South (Second gen of Deep South…gosh that story will be crazy planned out once I actually get around to drawing it!) 
Naomi is the girl and Mira is the boy. They are so fun to draw! 

Done in-between commission work. :> 

Anna and I did a fun little trade this past week! We both took a piece that the other had done, and drew it in our own style. Here is one that she posted up a while back that I just LOVED so I had to redo it! The original image is here… 

I had such a fun time doing this! It was a great warm up. :> 

New sketchbook! I always like to draw myself and Saph, an old cat character, in the front of each new sketchbook. It makes for fun style comparisons later on.

A little process of how I do quick sketches! (This is also how I usually start all of my pieces…) 
I LOVE working fast! I’m finding that I’m really great at overworking pieces, so I’ve been trying to find a good work speed. (This is actually why I started working in shapes! I love the look and my brain works quickly with them.) 

The next full illustration I do I’ll take some process shots like this. :> 

I’m in Vegas now visiting my brother! Still in the process of moving…but I wanted to pull out the computer and do a few sketches! (Because I don’t have a sketchbook right now…:/) 
I’m so excited to be in L.A. on sunday!! 

Warm up portrait. 

Before I forget!! 
It’s almost HALLOWEEN!! (Ok two months away….that’s close enough) 
I’m going to be doing an order of cards early to make the shipment in time for halloween! 
This is the last order of cards I’m going to be doing this year. 
They are $25USD each + Shipping. 
If you are interested email me at 

Order ends on Sept 2nd. 

Fall is a very important season to me. I grew up in Utah and have spent the last few years living in Idaho. Fall in those places means crazy color changes, smoke from farms, and the brisk wind. I have so many memories of being outside in the fall, having adventures with friends, or just exploring the landscape. 
I wanted to see if I could take fall and make a portrait out of the ideas I remember. 

But that’s not going to stop me. 

Worked on this off and on between commissions today. It’s just been banging around in my head for a while.