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Some fun stuff from the figure class today. I’m finally getting into a groove! (Someone called the top one “Human Charlie Harper” and I got so so so happy!) 

Some snips from BFA work. The show opens in…like…a month and a week. Gah! 

Sketch for the other character in this short song comic. Fun to do…I’m pretty excited for this little comic. 

I’m working on a small comic based on the song Alabaster by The Foals…and though I’d post up some of the character design development I’ve been going through. 
I want to make these designs simple and sleek….and it’s working out. I’ll post a few more later tonight. 

Even more. There are some character sketched for UnSouled in there, if anyone has read that book. The whole Unwind series has been going through my head lately…and I really want to do some fanart for it. 

Just a few lil’ sketches. Working hard on the opening pages of Wolfsbane! :> 

Screencaps of some recent sketches.

Here are some of my pages for this woof book. (Most are in sketch mode still. We only have a few finished illustrations)
Just got three left to do… then format… then print! 
Oh gosh! 

Sketches from today’s session of digital illustration. 

Did some quick sketches tonight with the art gang. (<—Group of lovely peeps who meet over at our apartment on fridays for art critique and … well…. dumb drawing games.) 
This game is called, someone plays a song and you only get to listen to it twice … and during that time you gotta draw something related to the song. It’s an awesome game…that brings a lot of strange ideas to the table.